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White Crackle Raku
5×7 Flash






Raku is a type of Japanese pottery traditionally used in Japanese tea ceremonies. The pots are fired to 18oo degrees. They are pulled out of the kiln using tongs and placed into a trash can filled with newspaper. The newspaper catches on fired and brings out the different colors in the glaze.                               No two pots are

                                                    14×10 Flash
7 in. Angel Fish
18x10twister 2 second side
18 x 10 Flash Twister







Autumn blush Glaze
Autumn blush Glaze
Autumn Blush Pitcher
Autumn Blush Pitcher

Stoneware pottery is fired to 2400 degrees. The pieces are dishwasher safe, oven safe, and microwave safe. There is no lead in the glaze.

Chip and Dip Platter
Stars and Stripes


Temmoku Red/Blue
Temmoku Red/Blue
Cooper Green/White
Cooper Green/White
Cooper Blue/Green
Cooper Blue/Green


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Q: How do you get to the studio?

A: studio-map

Q: What are your hours?

A: I don’t have set hours so the best thing to do is call 903-569-0203 or cell phone 903-850-7849 to set up an appointment.

Q: How do you recommend cleaning a flash Raku pot?

A: I suggest gently using a dry paint brush or blowing off the dust.

About Us

Les Mitchell became fascinated with pottery when his family bought the historic Ideal Pottery Factory which was established in 1920. He studied basic pottery techniques at Booker T. Washington School of the Arts in Dallas. After graduation, Les developed his wheel throwing skill while apprenticing under Michael Obranovich, a specialist in functional stoneware. He then concentrated on Raku while working with Randy Brodnax, a teacher  in investigational techniques  in pottery.

Les opened Towne Potter Studio in 1983 in Dallas and then moved it to Mineola, Tx. in 1992. His work is exhibited in shows and galleries throughout the country. 


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